Dogs are very active and adventurous when let out to walk around the home. They are very inquisitive and curious. Their loyalty and loving nature will always prompt them too often cross into restricted areas. Dogs can eat anything within their reach as long as it looks edible and attractive. Some of the things that are harmless to humans may be very lethal when ingested by a dog. One has to know what is dangerous for a dog for them. Some of the hazardous things include:

Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins are really attractive and nutritious for humans. This is not the case for dogs. They contain Xylitol that can cause kidney failure in dogs. Renal failure is something that will cost you a lot to cure and is fatal. If you have to keep this in your home, ensure that it is totally inaccessible to your dog. Raisin bread should not be fed to dogs too.


Chocolate is one of the household items that are highly ranked as toxic for dogs. As luring as it may be for human consumption, so it is for your dog. It contains caffeine and theobromine that can cause seizures. If taken in larger amounts, it can also cause death.

Pesticides and rodent control products

Whenever you are trying to get the rats, snails, and gophers out of your home, keep your dog in mind. Since most people use baits to kill pests and rodents, ensure that your dog doesn’t eat them. Gopher baits release phosphide gas into the dog’s intestines which causes death. Rat baits contain products that prevent blood coagulation hence causing hemorrhage.

Garbage antifreeze

Anti-freeze is sweet but can kill dogs when ingested. It contains ethylene glycol which is eye-catching for dogs. When eaten by dogs, it causes kidney failure. Although most manufacturers add bittering elements to antifreeze, it is still good to ensure that your dog doesn’t eat it. Avoid storing it in your house as much as you can. Leaking car radiators also pose a risk of having your dog ingest some ethylene glycol.


As ridiculous as it may sound, alcohol is harmful to your dog. Although enjoying some booze with your dog beside you may look like a great idea, it is not. When taken by a dog, it can cause diarrhea, low coordination, difficulties in breathing and vomiting. Alcohol can cause death in dogs too.

Detergents and cleaning products

The same way you keep detergents away from your child, please do it for your dog. Soaps, bleaches, window cleaners and fabric softeners should be out of reach for dogs. Some of them have great scents that may tempt your dog to eat.

Sugar- free chewing gum

These contain xylitol. Although it has tremendous human benefits, it causes liver complications and hypoglycemia when taken by dogs. Although these can be treated by administering dextrose supplements, the risk of liver failure recurring will still be high.

Human medication

Whether in tablets or syrups, human medication should be kept away from dogs. Some drugs may interrupt the flow of oxygen in a dog’s body system. Every year, dogs die from liver failure which results from dogs taking human medicine. Advice family members and any other person handling your dog that they should never give dogs any human medication.

Used batteries

Don’t forget to dispose your used batteries well. Dogs are very playful, and they may end ingesting some acid found in batteries. The acid can have deadly consequences such as stomach problems, throat diseases, and mouth ulcers.


If you have children who still use toys, its advisable to ensure that your dog does not play with them as well. Some toys are small, and the dog can easily swallow them causing choking.


Dogs make mistakes, some of which may be costly to handle. Ensure that you know what may harm it and keep them away. In case your dog ingests any of the above, take necessary action. For mild emergencies, administer first aid to your dog. However, it is always advisable to contact the veterinarian who can examine the dog and prescribe the right treatment. It is highly advisable to seek professional advice for the safety of your dog.