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Common Household Hazards for Dogs

Dogs are very active and adventurous when let out to walk around the home. They are very inquisitive and curious. Their loyalty and loving nature will always prompt them too often cross into restricted areas. Dogs can eat anything within their reach as long as it looks edible and attractive. Some of the things that are harmless to humans may be very lethal when ingested by a dog. One has to know what is dangerous for a dog for them. Some of the hazardous things include:

Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins are really attractive and nutritious for humans. This is not the case for dogs. They contain Xylitol that can cause kidney failure in dogs. Renal failure is something that will cost you a lot to cure and is fatal. If you have to keep this in your home, ensure that it is totally inaccessible to your dog. Raisin bread should not be fed to dogs too.


Chocolate is one of the household items that are highly ranked as toxic for dogs. As luring as it may be for human consumption, so it is for your dog. It contains caffeine and theobromine that can cause seizures. If taken in larger amounts, it can also cause death.

Pesticides and rodent control products

Whenever you are trying to get the rats, snails, and gophers out of your home, keep your dog in mind. Since most people use baits to kill pests and rodents, ensure that your dog doesn’t eat them. Gopher baits release phosphide gas into the dog’s intestines which causes death. Rat baits contain products that prevent blood coagulation hence causing hemorrhage.

Garbage antifreeze

Anti-freeze is sweet but can kill dogs when ingested. It contains ethylene glycol which is eye-catching for dogs. When eaten by dogs, it causes kidney failure. Although most manufacturers add bittering elements to antifreeze, it is still good to ensure that your dog doesn’t eat it. Avoid storing it in your house as much as you can. Leaking car radiators also pose a risk of having your dog ingest some ethylene glycol.


As ridiculous as it may sound, alcohol is harmful to your dog. Although enjoying some booze with your dog beside you may look like a great idea, it is not. When taken by a dog, it can cause diarrhea, low coordination, difficulties in breathing and vomiting. Alcohol can cause death in dogs too.

Detergents and cleaning products

The same way you keep detergents away from your child, please do it for your dog. Soaps, bleaches, window cleaners and fabric softeners should be out of reach for dogs. Some of them have great scents that may tempt your dog to eat.

Sugar- free chewing gum

These contain xylitol. Although it has tremendous human benefits, it causes liver complications and hypoglycemia when taken by dogs. Although these can be treated by administering dextrose supplements, the risk of liver failure recurring will still be high.

Human medication

Whether in tablets or syrups, human medication should be kept away from dogs. Some drugs may interrupt the flow of oxygen in a dog’s body system. Every year, dogs die from liver failure which results from dogs taking human medicine. Advice family members and any other person handling your dog that they should never give dogs any human medication.

Used batteries

Don’t forget to dispose your used batteries well. Dogs are very playful, and they may end ingesting some acid found in batteries. The acid can have deadly consequences such as stomach problems, throat diseases, and mouth ulcers.


If you have children who still use toys, its advisable to ensure that your dog does not play with them as well. Some toys are small, and the dog can easily swallow them causing choking.


Dogs make mistakes, some of which may be costly to handle. Ensure that you know what may harm it and keep them away. In case your dog ingests any of the above, take necessary action. For mild emergencies, administer first aid to your dog. However, it is always advisable to contact the veterinarian who can examine the dog and prescribe the right treatment. It is highly advisable to seek professional advice for the safety of your dog.

Signs that show that your dog is unwell.

Your dog can never tell you when something hurts or when it doesn’t feel well. However, it is possible for you to notice change and tell that your dog is unwell. A dog’s body language is very easy to understand and can confuse you if you do not know the signs and symptoms. After doing research, the following signs and symptoms will help you know when to visit a veterinary doctor.


High temperatures are associated with sickness. One of the ways of checking dog’s temperature is by feeling its nose. Normally, dogs should have a cold, wet nose. If the nose is hot, the dog is likely suffering from fever. You can verify the fever by measuring its temperature. Any temperature above 103F is a sign of fever.

Stomach problems.

Once in a while, your dog may vomit after giving it many treats, but this should not persist. If your dog is passing bloody diarrhea and vomiting for more than 24 hours repeatedly, it is a sign of sickness. Also, if your dog’s appetite is deteriorating as days go by, you will need to seek help.

Other signs include a distended belly and abdominal pain.

Respiratory problems.

Dogs too are prone to respiratory diseases like humans. The following signs can help you know that your dog has a respiratory disease:

  • If your dog has difficulties when breathing. The breathing could also be noisy or labored. Once you notice this, check the color of the tongue. Normally, the tongue should be pink but if there is a blue stint, take your dog to the vet immediately.
  • Persistent coughing that is accompanied by blood or mucus.

Trouble During Elimination.

Always keep a close eye on your dog’s elimination patterns. If your dog has trouble when urinating or defecating or is passing increased amounts of urine, then it is time to seek help.

Change in Behavior.

A healthy dog should be happy, active and enthusiastic. When unwell a dog will demonstrate a drastic change in the way it normally behaves. This could manifest in the form of agitation, irritability, being clingy, lethargy and withdrawal. If your dog exhibits any of these behaviors, it is a clear signal that something is wrong.

Drastic Change in Physical Appearance.

Your dog’s appearance and external features should be consistent. However, if you notice the following, do not hesitate to seek help.

  • Hair loss.
  • Sudden increase and loss of weight.
  • Development of lumps that ooze blood or pus.
  • Repeated rubbing of ears or shaking the head.
  • Itching and skin rashes.


Pain is something your dog will not hide from you. Watch out for resistance to jump, agitation, difficulties in chewing, and stiffness that lasts more than a day. Any of these signs communicate pain which could be as a result of injuries or an infection. Avoid giving any painkillers to your dog not unless they were prescribed specifically to it. Also, never administer any human drugs to dogs as they may have very adverse effects on them.


If you notice any of the signs and symptoms stated above, seek medical assistance to save your dog’s life. Some of the signs show when an illness is in the advanced stages.



Animals have always been close to men. Some were tamed or domesticated while others, no. those who have been tamed, become even closer, they are assigned various tasks and live with different social strata.

What is the life of the animals that live in the corridors of the presidential house? every president in this country has or has had his pet or pets. These animals have the same treatment as men. Their masters cherish and nurture them. They follow care when they are sick, which is normal. these animals have personal beds and eat special meals made for their happiness. Who would not like to be in the place of these animals? Never mind.

From President John Adams who was the first to the White House to Donald Trump, only two did not have pets. that is, animals have always been welcome at the White House.

President Roosevelt has had the most. William H. Taft owned a cow he named Pauline Wayne. George Bush Sr. had an English springer whom he named Millie. his presence at the White House was highly publicized. Socks is the name of Bill Clinton’s cat. And we remember how his death was mediated even after his masters were no longer at the White House.

Obama had dogs but the arrival of Bo, a Portuguese water dog, was much publicized. Animals in the lives of presidents can therefore be called necessary. These animals all need food and proper care. hence the development of industries for food and clinics for the care of these pets. They therefore important to choose his pet food store and clinic. they deserve this kind of treatment, especially as they serve as guides, guardians and fight against loneliness. These animals are best friends and friends of trusts. that is why each president felt good.

Among these domestic animals, there is the English bulldog. The bulldog what is it?

it is a dog of English origin mainly from Great Britain. It was brought to the fore in the 13th century by a dog and bull fighting sport. He is short and powerful. His muzzle is wide and truncated. His face is short and his legs. the latter are strong and muscular He is close to earth and athletic. It weighs between 28 and 32 kg for the male. It is strong and lively animal. He is faithful and trustworthy, courageous and affectionate. The bulldog feeds on formula at the age of less than 6 weeks up to 2 months. this milk is found at the veterinarian or the food pharmacy. At one week it is fed every three hours. From 6 weeks to 2 months she is given puppy food in addition to milk. it is also given kibbles from 2 months rich in vitamins and minerals for its immune system. He takes 4 meals a day.

At 18 months he is an adult, he is fed croquette in the morning and dog pies in the evening. Often mix the croquettes with unsecured yogurt.

Henri Konan Bédié’s Reign over Cote d’Ivoire

Henri Konan Bédié was the current President-elect of Cote d’Ivoire’s National Assembly, when the long-time President, Félix Houphouët-Boigny died in the year 1993. After a power struggle ensued between him and Alassane Ouattara, Bédié stepped into the Presidential position. This happened all because of a provision which stated that the president of the National Assembly will assume the Presidential role in case the President dies.

Human Rights Practices and Cote d’Ivoire’s during Henri Konan Bédié’s Reign

Cote d’Ivoire’s (also known as Ivory Coast) economy have been steadily declining even before Bédié’s reign. With its agricultural sector performing poorly in the recent years, high population growth, devaluation of its currency, the CFA franc, and other problems, these continued to penalize consumers.

Despite of the calm political transition which is typical in Cote d’Ivoire’, havoc continued in forms of serious human rights abuse. In 1994, Cote d’Ivoire’s security forces were responsible for a high number of human rights abuse.

President Henri Konan Bédié’s government failed to bring justice to the victims of extra-judicial killings. The human rights abuse continued to get worse in 1994 – more judicial killings took place and detainees were tortured and abused. Because of these journalists in publishing articles that criticized the government and the Chief of State. In return, security forces arrested and detained several journalists while student leaders were imprisoned due to strikes.

Even with the freedom of expression, which is basically a constitutional right, Henri Konan Bédié imposed restrictions to prevent journalists from criticizing the government. The government did not allow insults or attacks threw towards the country’s highest official, the President. Offend the President, Prime Minister, foreign chiefs of state, diplomatic representatives or the government and defaming the institutions of the states is against the law. To do such act is punishable by imprisonment from three months to two years.

In 1991, a press law was created to enforce laws against publishing and producing materials which will undermine the reputation of the nation or defame the States’ institution. Henri Konan Bédié used this law of the press to blackout any criticism towards him and the government officials. In addition, the government used the said press law to stop journalists in publication and investigating “sensitive” national security issues.

The government has substantial influence over the editorial contents of television networks and radio stations they own. They use the media to promote government policies all the while minimizing criticism. The government even had Frederick Konate Ousmane, a journalist, arrested for making research aimed to know about Henri Konan Bédié’s family origin. The journalist was interrogated that day but was released the day after.

The government also had a strict hand when it comes to Freedom of Assembly. Outdoor public meetings were banned by the government to prevent anyone from expressing controversial laws in the public.

Henri Konan Bédié’s Downfall as President

In a quick turn of events, Bédié was accused of corruption (Henri Konan Bédié has issued a national warrant for arrest along with Niamien N’Goran due to an alleged theft of public theft.

), political repression and stirring up ethnic divisions when he popularized the idea of an I Ivoirite, or a ��true’’ Ivoirian identity.

Despite of the fact that President Henri Konan Bédié supported national stability and peace, many Ivorians welcomed and support the coup d’etat in 2000. A military coup spearheaded by former Army Chief Gen. Robert Guei caused a bloodless revolt against the government.

Guei started the coup with troops protesting over unpaid salaries concluding that bad governance, looting parts of Abidjan after protests and making public appearances via media. He stated that he will be taking over Henri Konan Bédié position as president. Citizens of Ivory Coast gathered in the streets, listened to the military announcements and continuously chanted “No more Bedie” while jumping enthusiastically.

With President Henri Konan Bédié being outcasted or overthrown in the Presidential position, he opted to flee the country. France helped Bédié seek refuge out of the country, only a few days after the revolt. Henri Konan Bédié, together with about ten members of his family stayed at a French military base before leaving to an unannounced destination.

In 2001, Henri Konan Bédié met with elected President Laurent Gbagbo in Paris, France where the latter convinced him to return to Cote d’Ivoire, which he did. Bédié went to speak at a national reconciliation forum and urged politicians to denounce the coup.

He ran and won against Laurent Dona Fologo and was hailed president of the PDCI Congress. Henri Konan Bédié declared that he will be the PDCI ‘s candidate for the next presidential election, stating the country needs a “shock” treatment for Cote d’Ivoire’s to be normal again.