Animals have always been close to men. Some were tamed or domesticated while others, no. those who have been tamed, become even closer, they are assigned various tasks and live with different social strata.

What is the life of the animals that live in the corridors of the presidential house? every president in this country has or has had his pet or pets. These animals have the same treatment as men. Their masters cherish and nurture them. They follow care when they are sick, which is normal. these animals have personal beds and eat special meals made for their happiness. Who would not like to be in the place of these animals? Never mind.

From President John Adams who was the first to the White House to Donald Trump, only two did not have pets. that is, animals have always been welcome at the White House.

President Roosevelt has had the most. William H. Taft owned a cow he named Pauline Wayne. George Bush Sr. had an English springer whom he named Millie. his presence at the White House was highly publicized. Socks is the name of Bill Clinton’s cat. And we remember how his death was mediated even after his masters were no longer at the White House.

Obama had dogs but the arrival of Bo, a Portuguese water dog, was much publicized. Animals in the lives of presidents can therefore be called necessary. These animals all need food and proper care. hence the development of industries for food and clinics for the care of these pets. They therefore important to choose his pet food store and clinic. they deserve this kind of treatment, especially as they serve as guides, guardians and fight against loneliness. These animals are best friends and friends of trusts. that is why each president felt good.

Among these domestic animals, there is the English bulldog. The bulldog what is it?

it is a dog of English origin mainly from Great Britain. It was brought to the fore in the 13th century by a dog and bull fighting sport. He is short and powerful. His muzzle is wide and truncated. His face is short and his legs. the latter are strong and muscular He is close to earth and athletic. It weighs between 28 and 32 kg for the male. It is strong and lively animal. He is faithful and trustworthy, courageous and affectionate. The bulldog feeds on formula at the age of less than 6 weeks up to 2 months. this milk is found at the veterinarian or the food pharmacy. At one week it is fed every three hours. From 6 weeks to 2 months she is given puppy food in addition to milk. it is also given kibbles from 2 months rich in vitamins and minerals for its immune system. He takes 4 meals a day.

At 18 months he is an adult, he is fed croquette in the morning and dog pies in the evening. Often mix the croquettes with unsecured yogurt.