Simple Tips on Travelling with your Dog for Vacation.

Travelling for a vacation is supposed to bring happiness to you and your pet. However, this is not a guarantee when you choose to do it with your dog. This means that you have to put all necessary mechanisms in place to ensure that the vacation will be enjoyable for your dog and for you. The following are some tips to make your vacation travel easy with your dog onboard;

Prepare for travel.

This entails the following:

• Research.

Find out whether the hotel you intend to spend your vacation in admits pets. You would not love to go to a hotel and the first sign you meet at the reception is “pets are not allowed here”. Study their rules and policies about pets and chose a hotel that accepts pets. Enquire the environment of where you are going and check if it will be conducive for the dog.

• Health checkups.

Visit the vet and get your dog checked if it is fit for travel. Ensure that all necessary vaccinations are up-to- date and carry the records with you. Do not forget to get a health certificate especially if you are travelling by air. You will also need to have enough food that the dog will need during the vacation.

• Identification.

Consider having your dog microchipped for easy identification. Alternatively, get a study collar that has complete identification information. Carrying a recent photograph of the dog helps a lot in case the dog gets lost during the vacation.

• Exercise and feeding.

Before travelling, take the dog for a long walk. This will help him relax before the trip. Feed your dog at least 4 hours before starting your journey. Ensure that he visits the pit just before leaving. Travelling with your dog on a full stomach increases the chances of motion sickness.

Travelling by car.

Most people do not leave their dogs behind when they are travelling by car. Dogs are full of energy and can easily fall out of the car if not well attended to. Ensure that the following measures are in place:

  • Ensure that your dog’s head is not out of the car window as this can cause serious physical injuries.
  • Crate your dog or use a canine seat belt to avoid distractions while travelling.
  • Most dogs tend to be annoyed by long road trips. Remind those seated next to it to avoid teasing it.
  • Do not leave the dog unattended in the car, it can easily get very hot in the car and dogs succumb to heatstroke within 15 minutes.
  • Do not keep your dog on the truck bed because they can easily burn their legs or be thrown out in case of any sudden stop.

Travelling by air.

  • Have your dog’s health certificate if the airline you are using allows pet travels. Crate your dog appropriately and ensure that the collar does not pose a strangling hazard for your dog.
  • In case your dog will not be with you, ensure that it is calm and do not stage a big goodbye as this may cause anxiety with the dog.

Travelling on a ship and boats.

Cruising with your dog is a bit friendly. Most ships provide special lodging and offer meals for dogs. However, study the rules of the cruise ship you are using before travelling.

If you are using a boat, ensure that you have a floatation vest for your dog. Naturally, dogs can swim but they get tired easily.

Staying in the hotel with your dog.

This can be enjoyable if you train your dog well. Always ensure that your dog remains quiet to avoid disrupting other residents. Always keep an eye on your dog as they can destroy property when left alone. Occasionally, take your dog out on a walk and check if the hotel offers dog-friendly activities.

Once your stay in the hotel is over, ensure that no mess is left around. This applies to your room and any other grounds you may use with your dog.


During your vacation, your dog may fall sick or get injured. It is important to contact your veterinarian for recommendations on any vet services around. Do not administer any medication to your dog unless it was specifically prescribed to you by a specialist.

With these tips, you will surely enjoy your vacation with your pet.

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